SDF relies heavily on our equipment – in addition to our personnel – to ensure our success when it comes to performing tubular running services. With a large and modern fleet of TRS tools and equipment- we are confident that we have reduced the possibility of NPT due to equipment failure.

Air-Operated Elevators

SDF utilizes air-operated elevator equipment, in the addition to the latest Fill and Circulate tools on rigs not designed for (or not safe for) a stabber in the derrick. Our tools range in capacity from 175 Ton up to 500 Tons and are manufactured by the top manufacturers in the world.

Tubular Running Power Tongs

SDF runs and operates a wide variety of hydraulic power tongs from the best manufacturers in the North-America.

The tongs range in capacity from 2-3/8 to 20’’. With high torque capacities to run any tubulars for our clients.

CRA Handling and Running Tools

We own and operate the latest technology in power tongs, handling tools and running equipment specially designed for Corrosion Resistant Alloy CRA tubulars.

Casing and Tubing Handling Tools

We operate the handling tools to handle anything from 2 3/8″ tubing strings up through 20″ casing strings. Our tools range in capacity from 50 Ton up to 500 Tons and are manufactured by the top manufacturers in the world.

Hydraulic Power Units

We operate hydraulic power units, utilizing several different sized engines. Our fleet is equipped with all the safety features including ESD, safety whips and spark arrestors.

Our HPU are capable of delivering 60 GPM at 3500 PSI Maximum Pressure.

Torque Control Units

We proudly offer the Computerized Torque Control System; also known as a Torque Turn system. These units allow us to provide our customers with accurate control over the torque used to make up any tubulars.

Our engineers are professionally- trained to ensure that each job is finished as per the highest quality standard client receives the quality required in this precision operation.


  • 110/220 Volt Switchable
  • Color Monitor
  • Display-Torque Digital in Real Time
  • Display – Color Graphics in Real Time
  • Electronic Dump Valve
  • 35 Millisecond Dump Valve Response
  • Electronic Load Cell
  • Report – Hard Copy – Color Graphics


  • Data Storage Accomplished by Hard Disk 
  • Memory Storage capacity (in joints) in standard configuration is 2000(x100)
  • Tong RPM graphed in real time 

Programs available

  • Torque/Turn
  • Torque/Time
  • Torque/Turn/Time
  • Double End Makeup
  • Pressure Test “Add-on” Module

Program Features “Standard Package”

  • Joint Overlay
  • Joint Re-Call (Instant)
  • Magnification
  • Menu Driven Programs with Direct Numeric Input
  • Torque Shoulder Cursor Identifier