SDF Oil Well Technology is a completion, workover, and P&A oilfield service company. We provide the rigs, equipment, and the expertise suited to the needs of well completions, interventions, and abandonment operations.

The company includes a gathering of highly experienced personnel readily available equipment.

SDF utilizes the latest state of the art American Rigs and TRS equipment.

Our fleet comprises of American built workover and drilling land rigs with masts up to 116 ft., capacities of up to 360,000 LBS, and pumps of up to 750 HP.
Our customers have com e to depend on SDF for our fleet of modern rigs and our experienced, safety-focused crews. Our equipment is maintained via our CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) to minimize unscheduled maintenance and non-productive time thus saving time and money for our clients.


  • A modern fleet of American built rigs.
  • All the rigs are CAT VI inspected.
  • Horsepower: 550 – 750 HP.
  • Mast Ratings: Up to 360,000 lbs.
  • Mast Heights: Up to 116 ft.
  • Fluid pumps: Up to 750 HP.
  • Pipe Handlers: Up to 40 ft. elevation.
  • High torque power swivels up to 150 Ton capacity.


  • Completion of newly drilled wells.
  • Frac plug drill out.
  • Production  string running & pulling.
  • Re-completion of existing wells.
  • Maintenance of producing wells.
  • Major workover of producing wells.